Türchen 12

Guten Morgen,

heute möchte ich euch als Türchen 12 Ismaily (Omurushaka, Besitzer eines Frisörsalons) vorstellen.

My name is Ismaily. I’m twenty nine years how since I have born. My work now is managed a business a Salon to cut hairs.

The following are things which needed to the preparation of salon with:

  1. Shampool
  2. Brash
  3. Oil
  4. Fresh man
  5. After shave lotion
  6. Heater
  7. Soap
  8. powder
  9. water

All these are very important things to be considering a salon so I have problems which facing my work clue to the preparation of salon especially lack of money is a big problem.

The following are the challenges which facing my work:

  1. Low capital
  2. Low population of people or low growth of town
  3. And poverty.


But my God help me in my work not bad way, somehow is conversing I get money for food and for other problem’s.

So I trust in God, because will show me a good way which can use to avoid my poverty.
But I thanks for god so march.
I’m sure one day will touch my life and I will serve from poverty.
All must be pray for God I love for God
Thank u



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